Sean O’Casey Sketch of Captain Brennan

Sean’s notes read, “Captain Brennan Irish Citizen Army. Below is uniform of the Irish Citizen Army. Dark green, slouch hat, caught up on the side with a small Red Hand – Badge of Labour Union – Bandolier, revolver, & holster.
An ordinary British Soldier’s uniform, Khaki, dyed a dark green would do well.
No leggings to be worn by Brennan.
Ordinary Civilian clothes would do, as per other sketch, but as he throws away his uniform when he escapes, & comes into the the last act, perhaps it would be well for him to wear a uniform in 1st, 2nd & 3rd acts such as the one in the sketch. SOC
Other sketches sent to H.E. Glass by Registered Post.”

From Marsh’s Library via a donation by the Guinness family

Captain Brennan character sketch

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